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Feilding Stronghold

To achieve this Feilding Stronghold, a combination of Precast and formwork concrete has been used in conjunction with timber and dark metals. This has been effortlessly blended into a modern semi-industrial aesthetic, while still feeling homely and liveable.

To achieve this Feilding Stronghold, the clients handed pak design a license to create a bold, raw architectural statement in the conservative town of Feilding. The only stipulation was the use of concrete, stemming from the client’s long standing business in farming.
Norwood Manawatu

Built in the Agri-hub of the Manawatu, the new Norwood Manawatu Building stands tall and proud on its El Prado Drive site. 

Drawing inspiration from the rural roots and Norwood’s high reputation within the farming industry. The finished result created a state-of-the-art showroom, workshop, and office space.
Natural Views

Taking inspiration from the landscape, the view was a key factor in the design, with the clients first request to maximise the natural beauty of the environment and enable you to enjoy it from every area of the home.

Open plan living offers sweeping, uninterrupted views of the surrounding landscape. The living areas are drenched with natural light pouring through oversized glass doors. Each room has been designed to maximise the magnificent view and take full advantage of natural light.
Beach Side Retreat

Shoal Beach

Situated on the rugged coastline of Shoal Beach in the Hawkes Bay,
this beach side retreat oozes seclusion and tranquillity.

Originally built in three separate sections in the Manawatu then transported over to the East Coast where now the unique exterior cladding blends perfectly into the unassuming surrounds where it will become better with age as time goes by. As planned, each of the sections command independence but work beautifully in unity with each other. The design offers expansive views while giving many options whether just chilling out or entertaining.
Aorangi Specialist Centre

Broadway Radiology Ltd, Palmerston North

Inspiration for this design comes from a simple leaf. From there the seed
was planted and the project grew organically.

The main leaf greets you from the road frontage with herringbone paving leading you up to the entry doors. The leaf continues inside until you are met by the open and spacious reception with views out to the court yard beyond.

The natural theme has been continued inside with the use of colours, textures and indoor planting. Each space is designed to create its own Individualised customer experience.

The precast concrete is imprinted with a natural grass pattern, which has been continued onto the glass façade, providing filtered light from the high level windows into the passageways. LED lights have been installed to enable the client to display various colours commemorating events such as Breast Cancer Awareness Week. Cedar weatherboards add texture and warmth. Extensive planting and landscaping make the exterior look inviting from the street.

Energy efficiency has been well considered in all aspects of construction including above code insulation, double glazing, LED lighting and highly efficient HVAC systems with heat recovery.

This state-of-the-art building will house various medical professionals for years to come. With positive response from the community and a grand street presence, what started as a brief has grown into a landmark.

Humphries Construction

Palmerston North

Humphries Construction had seen a vast amount of growth in their old premises, and needed to accommodate that and allow for future growth in their new premises.

The office brief was “A large open plan, multi-use office space, giving careful consideration to natural light and ventilation”. Also “a space that showcases our quality craftsmanship and the diversity of what we do”.

Open plan areas can have their drawbacks when it comes to noise and privacy. Instead of a straight open space, there was an idea to create separate “nooks” . Careful consideration on how the office would evolve was needed when designing these spaces. The areas needed to work cohesively for collaborative get-togethers, but also separately for confidential discussions and private meetings, furthermore informal spaces to break out were also a requirement.

Waitarere Escape

Waitarere Beach

Magnificent views and the rugged natural landscape of Waitarere Beach form the backdrop and forefront of our clients’ dream kiwi hideaway.

A modern home designed with class and sophistication, all the while paying homage to it’s harsh and rugged surrounds. Privacy and seclusion from the roadside have been cleverly accomplished in this hideaway retreat while ensuring all that Waitarere Beach has to offer can be enjoyed from all positions of the property.

Designed to maximize the natural beauty of the surrounds, while providing shelter from the wind and harsh Waitarere weather, the client’s brief was that the property had to be comfortable, welcoming, and ambient, without feeling like a show home. Low maintenance finishes and security were paramount. Built on a sand dune, the site slopes up to the now-formed terraced driveway, creating anticipation to the beauty of the home itself.

Cervus Equipment


Built in Feilding, the Agri-hub of the Manawatu, the new Cervus Equipment Building stands tall and proud on its Darragh Road site.

Drawing inspiration from Cervus Equipment’s slogan “People, Power, Service”, the statement was a driving factor in the design of this state of the art showroom, workshop and office space. This development is intended to stand as a “template” design for how Cervus Equipment will continue to develop their National image.

The Darragh Road site has been adeptly designed with consideration given to staff, customers and machinery alike. Offices and amenities frame the sides of the showroom, with the parts pick-up bay and workshop area being deliberately positioned to minimise disruption, allowing maximise work flow. The design allows fluidity between all departments, improving work efficiency.

Future proofing and growth within the space was also taken into account with multi-use spaces and structural design to allow for any expansion in the future, giving Cervus Equipment a home for many years to come.

The Strong Room


A truly magnificent transformation of a site steeped in history. The Clock Tower continues to stand tall making it a lasting landmark in Feilding.

The contemporary update commenced in February 2013 with the business opening in September of the same year. The attention to detail is evident in many features like the retro-styled block cut-out bulkhead suspended from the ceiling on the front bar which we custom designed to fit the era of 1960’s. The result being a brilliant design and build project that has seen new life breathed into this iconic Feilding building.
Skermans Line

Palmerston North

This stylish but unassuming H-Shaped home is set in rural Manawatu.

The concept was taken from the English style stone farmhouses where the design principals are simplistic and symmetrical. Large Hinuera stone cladding helps to retain the traditional character and to ground the structure to the landscape complementing the rural surrounds that this home overlooks.

The open plan living is both warm and welcoming and offers distinct assigned areas that are in keeping with the straight line exterior. The earthy neutral colours of the interior walls along with the white painted ceiling and beams give the illusion of depth to the room making it feel immense.

All in all the simplistic use of materials, appliances, fixtures and furnishings, even right down to the kitchen units, makes this home unique, one that stands out from others.